Online Safety

At Whybridge Junior School, Online-safety is one of our top priorities. In today’s society the vast majority of our pupils have access to the Internet at home through an ever expanding variety of internet-enabled devices. We understand that, as parents, it can be difficult to allow children the freedom to develop as responsible individuals while protecting them from the perils and pitfalls of the Internet. Increasingly, even at primary school age, young people are conducting their social life online. Parents should therefore endeavor to provide guidance to make sure that their children behave safely and responsibly. Whybridge Junior School recognises the difficulties that this may bring, so our aim is to embed e-safety throughout our curriculum to develop and encourage safe, constructive and beneficial usage of the internet.

What Whybridge Junior School is doing to promote the safe usage of the internet?:

All our internet enabled devices (Ipads, Ipods, laptops and the ICT suite) access the internet through the Havering approved filtering service run by LGFL (London Grid for Learning). Websites accessed are pre-approved as suitable for pupils, and unknown websites are blocked and can be added to a list for approval in the future. 

Our new ‘Switched on Computing’ curriculum has been developed, alongside the HSIS (Havering Schools Improvement Service) team, to embed Online-safety into each individual unit of work taught to every year group.

Our ‘Digital Leaders’ club uses pupils confident with technology to disseminate good Online-safety practice to their peers and highlight the dangers or pitfalls of various apps and social networking sites.

Online-safety day is now an annual part of our curriculum where teachers focus on the promotion of safe internet usage and what to do if children come across inappropriate content. Again, this is also covered in our weekly lessons.

Staff undertake regular inset training to ensure confidence with teaching and promoting Online-safety at school and in the home.

Over the past few years, Whybridge Junior School has significantly increased the availability of internet enabled devices. We envisage that technology can be used in a cross-curricular way, not just for our weekly discrete ICT lessons. In the ever expanding world of apps and devices, each and every subject can benefit (at times) from the incorporation of technology. Our goal is to ensure that children are fully trained in how to get the best out of the technology available, using with confidence and knowing what to do should they encounter an Online-safety issue.

Useful websites for Parents wishing to find out more information about Online-safety:


Should you have any queries please contact:

C Hobson – Headteacher and Child Protection Officer

L Proctor – Computing Subject Leader