School Times




The school day is divided into two sessions:

Morning:     08:55am - 12:10pm

Afternoon: 13:15pm – 15:30pm


The school day is arranged as follows:


Gates open:   08.45am

Registration:  08:55am         -           09:05am

Lessons:        09:05am         -           10:30am

Assembly:      10:30am         -           10:45am

Break:           10:45am         -           11:00am

Lessons:        11:00am         -           12:10pm

Lunch:           12:10pm         -           13:15pm

Registration:  13:15pm

Lessons:        13:15pm         -           15:30pm


The total spent in lessons every day is 4 hours 50 minutes or 24 hours 10 minutes per week.                                      


Children must not be on the premises more than ten minutes before school and should remain in the playground until the whistle is blown. Please do not deliver children to the classrooms - they line up in classes after the whistle has been blown. Children who return home for lunch should not arrive back at school until 13.10h unless specifically asked to do so.


Any child who is late must report to the School Office.